How to use the norton toolbar?

Users can stay safe while online by using the norton toolbar. The toolbar helps users by protecting users from identity theft. With the toolbar installed, users never have to worry about losing passwords, trying to find credit card information, repeatedly filling out forms or fearing the consequences of storing personal securely stores all user information that the user chooses and encrypts it to prevent identity theft. It also blocks fake websites so the user isn’t tricked into entering their personal information. By storing information, users are able to fill out forms quickly and even enter credit card information without looking for the card itself.

  1. Getting started
    After downloading and installing the toolbar, the first step is to create a profile. This is where the user enters form data, passwords, credit card information and other personal information regularly used online. The profile can be accessed at any time by selecting the “norton” menu on the toolbar and choosing “Settings.” All stored data is encrypted in a secure online vault.
  2. Find safe sites
    When the norton Toolbar is running, the user is able to quickly tell if a site is safe, unsafe or verified. Users can determine this by viewing the site and looking for the Site Safety State icon on the toolbar. A green check mark means the site is safe. A yellow exclamation point means the site may or may not be safe. A red X means the site is unsafe. These icons also appear during search results to prevent the user from ever opening unsafe sites.
  3. Save login information
    When a user visits a new site, they can save their user information by simply entering it. norton saves this information automatically. Users can also auto-fill this information by just visiting the necessary site. All data can be further protected by requiring a master password before storing or auto-filling login data.
  4. Fill out forms quickly
    The “Cards & Log-ins” menu on the toolbar allows users to create identity cards which contain all the information to fill out forms online. Users can create different cards for various sites or types of sites. Users can also choose whether or not to auto-fill on a website or manually enter the information.
  5. Store other information
    For information not listed in other sections in the Profile area, users can create notes. Go to the “norton” menu and select “Manage Notes.” This allows users to store other personal information such as social security numbers, passport details and anything else the user wants to manage.
  6. Use information on the go
    Users can store their identity safe information on a USB drive. Go to the “norton” menu and select “Settings.” Select “Configure” next to the option “Export Identity Safe Data To Portable Profile.” Follow the prompts to store the profile. The USB drive can be used on any computer with norton 360 installed.

Norton toolbar disappeared: A step by step guide to fix it

Computer security / By Jean Scheid / In this topic, you will find information about how to protect your computers and network from malware, details about emerging threats and reviews of leading anti-malware products.
I often rely on the articles here on Bright Hub, which can help me fix norton products and learn more about their anti-virus suites, such as norton Antivirus, norton Internet Security and One of the top questions often received at Bright Hub is what you should do if the norton toolbar disappeared?

Some of us may not even realize where any toolbar appears on our screen, let alone the norton toolbar. If you look at the screenshot below, you will see an Internet Explorer toolbar. This is what you see at the top of your computer screen once connected to the Internet, no matter what browser you use (click on the image to enlarge).

  • From IE toolbar
    In the screenshot below, you’ll see what the norton toolbar looks like. From the norton toolbar you can do just about anything your norton version offers, but what if the norton toolbar has disappeared?
    Instead of hitting, “start” and then searching through the “all programs” to find the Symantec norton program on your computer, you can easily do the following:
  • Place your mouse cursor on the grey toolbar (anywhere will do) as shown in the screenshot below.
    Right-click anywhere on the toolbar. A menu appears that includes options such as menu bars, toolbars, etc. If you have installed norton on your computer, the words “norton toolbar” will appear here and all you need to do is click on those words and the toolbar will reappear.
  •  System tray
    Often, instead of using options on the top toolbar when Internet Explorer is open, you can also do a quick fix if your norton toolbar disappeared from the system tray if you are not connected to the Internet. The system tray is on the bottom right of your computer screen where the current time appears. You can also retrieve your norton toolbar from here:
  1. Right click on the system tray.
  2. The top choice should be “toolbars.”
  3. Click on “toolbars” to see if you can reset your norton toolbar in from your system tray.
  4. if you can’t, click on “new toolbar.”
  5. A new toolbar window will open up and you can choose the Symantec norton program to re-enable your norton toolbar.
  6. If either of these don’t work, you can also browse your program files for norton, find the “Options” or “Settings” folder and enable the norton toolbar.
  • Firefox problems
    Many people have complained that the norton toolbar disappeared after installing 2010 updates in Firefox. If this occurs, norton has provided the following steps to reinstall the norton toolbar (click on the screenshot to enlarge).
    There are many ways to reinstall the norton toolbar if it has disappeared. If any of these fixes don’t work, you can browse help topics in the norton Community or find out the features of norton 2010, right here on Bright Hub including how to install norton along with some other norton fixes such as how to close down the norton Protection Center.

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